Sustainable travel has never been this stylish

sustainable travel

Sustainable travel and eco-consciousness are two important factors to consider for the  21st-century traveller.   Whether you are choosing to buy luggage for short, but frequent business trips or considering the best luggage for international travel, the sustainability of your luggage and style of travel is paramount to making your trip as eco-friendly as possible.  […]

TUMI’s Alpha luggage collection

Alpha luggage

Top of your high-spec list of luggage requirements for first-class travel, a luggage range that is tried, tested and trusted is non-negotiable. TUMI’s Alpha luggage collection not only exceeds the expectations of the modern business traveller but also represents the peak of a tireless quest for premium luggage that is durable, stylish and functional. There […]

Elevate your style with TUMI’s premium luggage collection

premium luggage

Are you a frequent business traveller looking to streamline and simplify your journey with a premium luggage solution? Introducing TUMI – the international luggage brand that’s synonymous with performance luxury, superior quality, technical innovation, functional superiority and world-class customer service. Where other flashy luggage options show you where to go, TUMI takes you places with […]