Elevate your style with TUMI’s premium luggage collection

premium luggage

Are you a frequent business traveller looking to streamline and simplify your journey with a premium luggage solution? Introducing TUMI – the international luggage brand that’s synonymous with performance luxury, superior quality, technical innovation, functional superiority and world-class customer service. Where other flashy luggage options show you where to go, TUMI takes you places with purpose-driven, sophisticated products for achievement-minded people on the move. 

TUMI’s forward-thinking designs and quality craftsmanship elevate your image and exceed your expectations by providing the best luggage for international travel

Let’s unpack 4 reasons why our premium luggage solutions are a step above the rest

#1 Luxurious innovation

Inspired by the world’s most inventive industries and with over 125 patents to our name, it’s fair to say that innovation is our TUMI obsession. Every detail matters. That’s why every bag is checked, triple-checked, improved and reassessed.

From the Omega Closure System that reduces zipper damage to the easy-glide wheels on all our premium luggage, we are committed to making your travel experience as effortless and smooth as possible. 

We may have been in the business of optimising world-class business travel through the manufacture of premium luggage since 1975, but our product offering has advanced and adapted to meet changing customer needs

TUMI luggage showcases intuitive functionality and new technology integration, enabling high-end travellers to stay ahead of the curve, wherever the journey takes them.

Our iconic Alpha 3 Luggage Collection is at the pinnacle of luxurious design, engineering, functionality and performance. With built-in TSA combination locks, protective bumper rails, moulded impact-resistant side panels, 2-stage telescoping handles and zipper-to-zipper expansion, you will struggle to find a business travel bag that exceeds these innovation standards anywhere else. 

premium luggage

#2 Sustainable travel

The TUMI commitment to sustainability goes beyond the box-ticking, eco-friendly practices of modern companies by making serious, bold targets for protecting the planet that we so love to explore. 

Let’s ‘unpack’ a few of the ways we do it:

  • Many of our products are made from recycled materials. We have already diverted 980 531 plastic bottles from landfill sites
  • It is our goal to reduce carbon intensity by 15% and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025
  • Our products are built to endure. With quality warranties, guarantees and a global repair network, our premium luggage solutions will service our customers for the long haul in contrast to the poorly-manufactured competitor products requiring regular replacement.

Read more about our bold environmental commitments here.

#3 Built to last

TUMI premium luggage is designed and manufactured to be the best. With a global presence in over 75 countries with over 177 company-owned retail stores, we have set high standards for ourselves.

premium luggage

Our bags and travel accessories are put through 30 rigorous tests before arriving on our shelves in-store or displayed online. 

When you purchase a TUMI bag, you are not only buying a sophisticated, stylish luggage item, but a product that’s all about functionality and movability; giving travellers the most streamlined and flawless experience on journeys across Europe, Africa, America, Asia or anywhere else in the world.

No matter the pressure you put our luggage under, it is created to endure. We test, touch and try out our luggage in every imaginable scenario, rejecting anything that fails to upgrade and streamline your life

  • Worried about passing through airport security? We have the TUMI T-Pass.
  • Concerned about identity theft? We innovated to create the TUMI ID Lock.
  • Got more bags than hands? Our add-a-bag system makes travel effortless.
  • Bags slipping off your shoulder? Not any more with the TUMI-patented articulating shoulder strap.

premium luggage

#4 World-class customer service

We believe premium luggage is not only about creating beautiful suitcases with superior functionality but also orienting our service and brand to constantly move in a forward direction by evolving and responding to customer needs as they pursue their passions and explore the world.

Our service goes above and beyond, promising the following:

  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are committed to fixing it
  • If something gets lost, we will help you track it down.

The TUMI outstanding ownership experience means that when you ask a question, our answer is always ‘yes’

Have your bag repaired at your convenience when travelling to any destination with a TUMI store.

Visit our convenient local luggage shops in Sandton City, Johannesburg, Canal Walk, Cape Town or La Lucia Mall, Umhlanga to touch, feel and experience the TUMI difference. Or shop online and receive free delivery on orders over R1 000.