Sustainable travel has never been this stylish

sustainable travel

Sustainable travel and eco-consciousness are two important factors to consider for the  21st-century traveller.   Whether you are choosing to buy luggage for short, but frequent business trips or considering the best luggage for international travel, the sustainability of your luggage and style of travel is paramount to making your trip as eco-friendly as possible. 

TUMI’s commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in its core values. The brand is dedicated to creating products that not only make travel stylish and comfortable but also environmentally conscious. Since 1975, TUMI’s dedication to providing customers with an outstanding ownership experience has been unwavering. 

Luxury and sustainable style

TUMI’s products are designed using premium, sustainable materials; setting the standard for all our luggage and bag collections. We carefully select sustainable materials for durability, style and, of course, a reduced environmental footprint. From recycled fabrics,  to responsibly sourced leather, our commitment to sustainability is evident.

TUMI partnered with the Pratt Institute Center for Sustainable Design Studies and Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation to conduct a life cycle study of a wheeled travel case and a business brief. Based on the findings, TUMI has made some progress in finding alternative material compositions to reduce its environmental impact. TUMI continually explores new and different recycled materials and components. Our recycled collections use fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled nylon.

sustainable travel

All in the details

Being obsessed with the details helps TUMI products extend its sustainability frontier. Our luggage is meticulously designed to minimise waste and maximise functionality. By increasing the lifespan of your bag, we’re decreasing the load on landfills. When you invest in TUMI luggage or TUMI accessories, we want your experience to be one of a kind. An experience that is sustainable and innovative.

Product durability

The goal with our products is to ensure, durability,  longevity and superior quality. Our luggage and accessories are built to last, reducing the need for replacing and decreasing our environmental impact. (Please read more details about our extensive warranties here).

New technology

Using the latest tech with an eco-friendly approach makes your travel experience simple but contemporary Innovative features like smart tracking and connectivity reduce the risk of lost or misplaced items. 

Sustainable luggage for international travel

TUMI luggage is always ready for the journey and has become a chosen brand for many business global travellers TUMI sets the gold standard for luggage and wants you to enjoy our on-trend collections as much as we do. 

Business luggage sets

For frequent business travellers, our range of business luggage sets is designed to take your travel experience to a new, sustainable level. These collections are not only functional but also exude an unmatched level of style and sophistication. 

An ongoing commitment to quality, design excellence, and technical innovation makes TUMI business luggage collections the top choice for professionals. Learn more about our latest Alpha luggage collection.

sustainable travel

Luggage personalisation 

Take your Tumi experience one step further by customising any travel piece with monogramming and other options. Adding your personal touch to your luggage is a unique way to make your investment a lasting one.

Choose style, choose TUMI

TUMI’s reputation for being a luxury travel brand, with enough collections to suit many different lifestyles is well earned. TUMI continues to make shopping easier with a luxury online luggage and accessory store. 

Because travellers are always on the go, online shoppers get express delivery – guaranteed. Now you can shop for the perfect TUMI piece while you wait for your boarding gate to open on your next trip home.

Start your sustainable travel journey with TUMI. Shop online or visit one of our beautiful stores across South Africa.