TUMI’s Alpha Luggage Collection

Alpha luggage

TUMI is top of your high-spec list of luggage requirements for first-class travel. TUMI’s Alpha luggage collection not only exceeds the expectations of the modern business traveller but also represents the peak of a tireless quest for premium luggage that is durable, stylish and functional. There is luggage that serves the purpose of holding your belongings on long business trips, and then there is the TUMI Alpha Collection – bringing together superior performance, best-in-class functionality and innovative design in one compact, versatile and intuitive product offering. 

TUMI introduces our international brand to South Africa by highlighting the remastered luggage collection that started it all: Alpha. Now in its third edition (Alpha 3), this range of checked luggage, briefcases, carry-on luggage, travel backpacks, laptop briefs, totes, satchels, garment bags and so much more is designed to simplify and streamline business travel. 

Let’s ‘unpack’ 3 reasons to choose the Alpha 3 luggage collection as the best luggage for international travel:

#1 Products Engineered to Endure

The Alpha Luggage Collection is TUMI’s most well-known, established and loved range – and for good reason. This cornerstone collection has been through 30 rigorous tests, rejecting any zipper or handle that fails to simplify and elevate your journey.

Our unwavering dedication to precision and detail goes above and beyond expectations, featuring high-quality materials and functionalities that revise the accepted standards for business travel.

The entire Alpha 3 product range is made using TUMI-patented ultra-durable FXT ballistic nylon, which is created by weaving together high-density nylon threads with a special coating applied to the exterior. This protects against abrasions, tears and water damage, enabling discerning business travellers to reach new heights with premium luggage that has been tested to withstand the harshest conditions. 

Not only is this highly breathable fabric ideal for business luggage sets and laptop bags but provides comfortable and versatile travel backpacks designed to help you conquer mountain peaks in your leisure time or stormy city streets on business excursions. 

 Alpha luggage

#2 Innovative Design and Best-In-Class Functionality

The Alpha Luggage Collection exudes sophistication and style when you’re catching a coffee in the business-class lounge, but it also enables you to swiftly pass through any airport with ease. 

  • Our (up to) 5 cm expandable zippers on the Worldwide Trip Checked Luggage make packing an extra jacket or business folder that much easier
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets on all our premium luggage make organising your clothing, toiletries, snacks and business essentials a packer’s dream
  • The built-in TSA combination locks give you peace of mind when traversing customs
  • Multiple intuitive handles allow you to choose the easiest way to carry your luggage in every imaginable scenario
  • Integrated USB power ports come standard on many items included in the Alpha Luggage Collection, keeping you connected on the move
  • The TUMI state-of-the-art in-line wheels incorporate sealed steel ball bearings and are mounted on solid steel axles in custom-designed, shock-absorbing bushings, enabling smooth transits for many kilometres of travel.

#3 Unmatched Warranty 

When you buy any one of TUMI’s premium luggage products, you purchase a promise that these business travel bags will be your trusted companions for life. 

We are committed to keeping our customers happy. We want to see you flourish as you explore the beauty of our world from every corner of the globe. 

That’s why, when you buy a TUMI travel bag or piece of business luggage, you get a standard 5-year warranty. (Purchases of wallets and accessories come with a 2-year warranty).

  • The first year of the warranty guarantees that TUMI will cover all repair expenses (including shipping to our nearest repair facility). This warranty includes normal wear and tear, airline handling and transit damage. We repair damaged items.
  • Years 2-5 on bags, business cases and travel items commit to repair any item damaged through normal wear and tear or defects in materials and workmanship, but not damage caused by airlines or the transit process. This warranty extends to year two on wallets and accessories.
  • When a bag is older than 5 years, we remain courteous and responsive to customer needs, arranging repairs at a reasonable cost, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. 

Read more details about our extensive warranties here.

Travel With Streamlined Luxury When Choosing Alpha 3

The superior performance, intuitive design and enduring quality of the Alpha Luggage Collection help travellers breathe a sigh of relief before jetting off to any designated destination. 

Perfect your journey with the remastered Alpha 3 best-in-class luggage collection as your ultimate travel companion. Shop online or visit one of our 3 convenient stores across South Africa.